29 October, 2010

new baby...

I have a birthday coming up and this year I asked for an extra special present. A new camera. A digital SLR. 

Some 14 years ago I studied photography at RMIT but since then so many things have changed. When I studied we had to roll and develop our own film...shocking I know!

It's all slowly coming back to me and I'm really loving it again. My newest kid makes a pretty cute subject too

26 October, 2010

19 October, 2010


Please excuse my late post....we have a house full of germs.

 There were 19 entries all up (I had one entry via email)
The winner is Brianna !! Congratulations! I was very excited to see a Kokeshi in her banner when I was checking out her blog. I hope you love them Brianna!

Thank you to everyone for entering my giveaway. I hope you all enjoy the rest of Blogtoberfest!

14 October, 2010


I saw Jack walking around with a big chunk of cheese

Apon further investigation I discovered he had 'helped himself'

When he asked me why I was taking photo's I told him it was to show Santa. 
Yes, I am a bad, bad mummy

12 October, 2010

finders keepers...show off

The finders keepers was AWESOME! Best market I've been to. Apart from being a bit tricky to find (and the coffee shop losing power) it was ace. So many gorgeous things! Here's what I bought...
 Owl Bandit Brooch - Made By White

  Owl Ring - Limedrop

Flower Ring - Skulk of Foxes

There is a great selection of photo's over at the Design Files

11 October, 2010

blogtoberfest giveaway

Yes, it's blogtoberfest time again. I would love to have had the time to join in but around here it's all boobs, poo and mushy pumpkin which doesn't make for very interesting blogging. Or does it?

Instead I thought I would get in on the action with a giveaway. Would you like to win the above necklace and earring set? Yes?

All you need to do is leave me a comment here before the 17th of October. Simple as that. I will draw the winner by random the following day. Enjoy!

**ETA - giveaway now CLOSED! I will draw the winner tonight (18/10/10)**