24 February, 2010

33 weeks 4 days

Only 6 and a bit weeks to go! EEK! The above photo was taken at 27 weeks. I'm quite a bit bigger now and I think my tum has dropped a little. So far it hasn't been too bad of a pregnancy. My sickness went away at 18 weeks. Baby moves A LOT and has been since he was 10 weeks baked. Probably the hardest thing is having to run around after Jack. He doesn't nap in the day anymore so I often hear him yelling out 'wake up mummy' when I occasionally dose off while playing - sometimes I even cop a building block on my head

Jack is very, very excited. We're starting to regret telling him so soon as he's constantly asking now when his baby brother is coming out. It's sooo cute. I think my favorite thing so far is sharing it with Jack. He's at an age where he understands what's happening (mostly) He's helping choose clothes and toys. He insists on calling the baby Jeff still

Were just about set up. Baby will be in a make shift room (sharing study/playroom) until we can find a bigger house that suits us. I've tried to be good and curb buying too much 'stuff' but I already feel bad that he will be mostly in hand me downs. I guess it's the curse of the same sex second child.

So feeling rather 'large'. Can't bend over anymore. I can't see my feet, which is probably a good thing as they are swollen most of the time...oh the joys!

23 February, 2010

Super Hero

I think the title fits....

Special thanks to the lovely Miss Curlypops

04 February, 2010

Northside Makers Market

I decided to squeeze one more market in before bubs arrives. Northside Makers is one of my favorite markets and this month it looks to be the best yet!

Hope to see you there!