23 June, 2009


I guess one of the benefits (and I use the word benefit very loosely) of Jack waking up when it's still dark is I get to see the sunrise every morning... usually while I'm doing the dishes from the night before

22 June, 2009


I won't be winning any housewife awards...I was watching MasterChef

18 June, 2009

my creative space

I'm cheating a little this week. No creating today but I did do a spot of shopping. For $24.83, how could I leave them behind?

To see more creative spaces or to join in pop on over here

17 June, 2009

200 posts

200! I know...can you believe it? I've been blogging for just over a year now. Without sounding too much like a cliche the time has flown by. In that time Jack has turned into this gorgeous, so grown up, little boy. We're toilet training and he's loving his big bed. We have full conversations - mostly about the park, zoo and the wiggles. He's has such a curious nature and is so confident...I thought the newborn stage was challenging but toddlerhood has knocked me for six.

Most days I adore being a SAHM. I am very appreciative that I can spend these few years with Jack before he goes to school and forges his own way in the world
. In saying that I am also grateful I can do something for myself along the way too. Thank heavens for CRAFT and blogging. Along with my 'mum' friends it has kept me sane. So I say a big huge thanks for reading along and all the lovely comments!

11 June, 2009

my creative space

It's Thursday so I'm joining in with Kirsty's my creative space. I'm doing a few bits and pieces at the moment. The knitting at the back is for some felted containers I'm having a go at. No idea how they will turn out as this is the first pattern I've ever followed

This lot is waiting to be packaged up for Sally

I bought some of these bits and pieces the other week from etsy. I've made some brooches, rings and necklaces out of them.
Just some cheap and cheerful jewellery for me!

This one is my favourite

big boy bed part 3

Night 4...sleeping to the beat of his own drum

10 June, 2009

big boy bed part 2

Night 3...getting the hang of the pillow

08 June, 2009

big boy bed

Night one was a big success. To be continued...

01 June, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

The winner for giveaway day is number 113 - Melanie from Sugarlemon
A big thank you to everyone for entering! I had 271 comments all up. Amazing!
What a great giveaway day. I'm hoping to be lucky enough to win something too