15 May, 2009

busy, busy

So, I haven't been very up with blogging lately. Jack has been somewhat...shall we say challenging? He has stopped sleeping. No day sleep and waking BEFORE the birds. Like pitch black dark, stars still in the sky.

I have tried quiet time in his room but it usually results in 'trashing' as he just climbs out of his cot.
The big boy bed is on order.

He has stepped his climbing addiction up a notch. This week he escaped out the front door (with the help of his toy piano) and was off to the park when I caught him. So like most mother's I am repeating 'this too shall pass' and am hoping for the best. If not I figure he could fetch a good price on Ebay...I mean he's kinda cute, right??


CurlyPops said...

He's very kinda cute...even when covered in toothpaste or with a potty seat around his neck!

My Black Cardigan said...

He is cute and you probably would get a good price on eBay but... you'd probably get in trouble for trying to sell your child and that would be worse than no sleep and trashed rooms and chasing a little boy down the street... so it's probably better to just hang in there, go for lots of walked where he is strapped into the pram and cannot make a mess or run away, and you are surrounded with head-clearing fresh air!

kris said...

So super cute! Have you tried a climbing gym thingy for kids so he can climb like mad in a safe place? Might get it out of his system?!

Hang in there! He'll be a teenager in no time and then you'll be telling tails on him at his 21 in no time!

Lauren said...

Kris - Oh yes! We have one of those...and we go to the park at least once a day (sometimes twice if he's driving me batty!!!)