22 April, 2009

upcoming markets

I'll be having a stall at the upcoming MMM, 2nd May! (fingers crossed for a nice day!)
I will have all the usual stuff as well as a limited supply of new earrings and hair slides

Do you live on the other side of Melbourne??? That same weekend my Button Jewellery will be available to purchase at the Canterbury Art Show Gift Shop.

It's on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of MAY. See the link for more details.

20 April, 2009

ba ba's and brooches

Yesterday Jack and I had the morning on our own so we headed on over to the Collingwood Children's Farm
If you haven't been it's well worth the trip. Jack had a ball as always. The ba ba's are his favorite and (like most kids) he's facinated by all the POO! (kids, especially mine, are so gross!)

After that we walked next door to the Abbotsford Convent to check out the Skirt and Shirt Market. I have never been before and it was fantastic! What a great selection of handmade lovelies. I couldn't resist these Arm Warmers, which are just perfect for early mornings at the park

and another brooch...this super cute one is by Yael Myerson. She does a few different designs and you can find them at i dream a highway in Northcote too.

19 April, 2009

eye spy...

I had a really hard time this week thinking up something for Amy's theme....I finally came up with Children's Panadol.
I find it pretty magical when my little man is under the weather

Pop over and see
Cindy for more eye spy

18 April, 2009

sister's market

We popped down to the Sisters Market this morning. I'll be having a stall there in August and October so I thought I'd check out the crowd. It was busy. Not so good if you have a pram. Hubby didn't need much of an excuse to take J for a walk though
I picked up these gorgeous postcard brooches by Madz has Runaway.
I've been eyeing them off on georgie love for a while but they sold out super quick.
I can't wait to wear one of them...

16 April, 2009

my creative space...

Lots of finishing and sorting today - on the coffee table
Final coats of varnish on some earrings
Matching up some brooches with neck warmers
For more creativity click on over here

15 April, 2009

new things

Just a few new things... Hair Slides, Dangle Earrings, Cufflinks and Stud Earrings.

14 April, 2009

drawstring goodness

I don't get it mum??

Is it a giant sock?

Ahhhh! I see...

Thank You Cam! They are so perfect!
Check out Ms Curlypops shop here and her blog here

07 April, 2009

matching earrings...

One of my lovely mother's group friends kept commenting on my birdie ring

So I whipped her up a black mapel leaf ring and matching earrings...she's my offical test dummy so if all goes well I may have some of these ready for an upcoming market

02 April, 2009

my creative space...

*Button order
*New butterfly fabric that I picked up at Lincraft in green and black
I'm not being particularly creative today...more of a catch up really. Our internet has been down for a few days. I've realised how much I rely on it. My house is also a lot cleaner than it has been for a while..
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