13 February, 2009


Jack - 2 minutes old

Jack - 2 days before his 2nd Birthday


Sarah-Jo said...

WOW what a great pic of Jack at his birth, he was a big boy huh!

what a gorgeous lil boy his grown into :)

Cant wait till Iris' b'day in early march!

Happy Birthday beautiful boy!

ps I got my package today thankyou so very much the elastics are fantastic and purple is Iris' fave colour! MWAH from Iris to Jack

Lauren said...

Thanks Sarah! He was 8lbs 2oz..with a huge head! hehehe!

Glad Iris likes purple :-)

Cindy said...

I was thinking what a good sized bubba you had there. Mine were just over 6lbs, so a little different. It is my b'day tomorrow so I can assure you that us mid-Feb bubbas are fantastic.

kris said...

He is so beautiful! Happy Birthday Jack!