11 January, 2009

sunday drive

We trekked up to Daylesford today. Jack's grandparents are staying there for a few days and we have a bit of a soft spot for it. Hubby and I were married at the Convent Gallery almost 6 years ago. Jack enjoyed playtime at Wombat Hill, climbing the stairs with dada and playing with his new puzzle from pa

I enjoyed the local market. I picked up these fab tortoiseshell knitting needles and this sweet little owl

I also stumbled across Purl's Palace which houses a fantastic array of Japanese treasures

including these fat quarters (which came home with me)

They also run workshops on different crafting techniques. I think I might be heading back very soon to try my hand at felting

The long drive home...


Monica said...

Jack looks well and truly tuckered out! Glad to hear you had a great time.

LOVE those fat quarters. Nice find! What kind of wonderful things are you going to turn them into?

handmaiden said...

My nephew is getting married at the convent in march and we are really looking forward to it....will have to pop into purls palace when I am there

Lauren said...

Sharon...you would love it! I could have browsed for ages. The convent did a fantastic job with our wedding, I'm sure your nephews will be wonderful :-)

Anonymous said...

We love daylesford too! Great for a weekend getaway and best country breakfast ever at The Lakehouse!