31 January, 2009

something for me...

Seeing the weather cooled down a bit last night I decided to make a few things for myself. A ring using the great buttons I found at Spotty. I wired it onto a ring base using 2 gauge beading wire.

And a new button necklace/brooch

30 January, 2009


I bookmarked this site a while ago...I've been playing. I think it's quite addictive

25 January, 2009

eye spy...something beginning with J

Eye Spy with my little eye...something beginning with J
Japanese Dolls. This is part of my collection.
They have slowly been moved up higher and higher as Mr Jack grows taller and taller.

Thanks to Cindy for letting me choose this weeks theme. Head over here if you would like to join in

22 January, 2009

nice surprise from gryb

I ordered some beautiful fabric scraps from this Etsy shop the other day. They are the perfect size for my buttons. When I opened the package I got such a lovely surprise...Keryn had kindly added a whole bundle of extra fabric for me. She had read my blog and saw that I made jewellery using the fabrics. Thanks Keryn! Your generosity is greatly appreciated :-)
Keryn has a blog which you can read here. She makes gorgeous cards using Japanese fabrics. Check out her website.

21 January, 2009

eye spy theme

Cindy has asked me to pick the theme for this weeks eye spy...so I've chosen
Eye Spy...something beginning with J. It could be something in your house or garden, your favorite food, anything really! I hope everyone can join in :-)

20 January, 2009

beat the heat...

Beat the heat...Jack style! yep...his nappy is on backwards. Jack has decided he want's to be a nudist when he grows up

18 January, 2009

eye spy...taste of summer

For me, summer means the beach. We live no where near a beach so it's a bit of a novelty when we go. I used to stay with my grandparents at Indented Head when I was much younger and those memories are unforgettable. Licorice ice-creams, catching crabs, jumping off the paddle steamer. I hope we can build some lovely memories for Jack too

If you would like to play along pop over here. Thank to Anastasia C for a great theme

12 January, 2009

button score

Look what I picked up at Spotlight today...I bought them with the thought of sewing them to a yo yo to make a brooch but then driving home I thought how they would make a gorgeous ring.

11 January, 2009

sunday drive

We trekked up to Daylesford today. Jack's grandparents are staying there for a few days and we have a bit of a soft spot for it. Hubby and I were married at the Convent Gallery almost 6 years ago. Jack enjoyed playtime at Wombat Hill, climbing the stairs with dada and playing with his new puzzle from pa

I enjoyed the local market. I picked up these fab tortoiseshell knitting needles and this sweet little owl

I also stumbled across Purl's Palace which houses a fantastic array of Japanese treasures

including these fat quarters (which came home with me)

They also run workshops on different crafting techniques. I think I might be heading back very soon to try my hand at felting

The long drive home...

06 January, 2009

something new

I made these for a little friend. Very sweet. Jack was a co-operative model. Shhh...don't tell my hubby

04 January, 2009

eye spy sunday

I'm playing along with Cindy from bug and pop. This weeks theme was chosen by Kats Creations and it's very fitting. Eye Spy my best memory of 2008...my baby boy turning 1 !

We had a big dinosaur party at home for him...lots of family and friends. He loved it! He was walking around the house chatting to all his friends. It was a big day for me too. I couldn't believe he was 1..he made it! I was a very proud mumma that day :-)

03 January, 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year! We had a fairly quiet one...dinner with some friends. Hubby is still on holidays (yeah!) so we've been enjoying some family time. Today we ventured into the city on the train. We decided to give the aquarium a whirl but Jack wasn't interested at all...he kept asking for the 'toot toot' ....needless to say he's completely obsessed with trains at the present

I hope 2009 brings everyone love and luck! (and lots of time to craft)