30 December, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones. Best wishes for a safe and prosporous 2010 !!

30 November, 2009

Sisters Market

I've been on the waiting list for over 6 months but I managed to score a last minute stall at the Sisters Market this Saturday!

It is their last market before Christmas so the perfect opportunity to pick up some great handmade gifts

Brunswick Town Hall, Sydney Rd Brunswick 10am til 4pm

24 November, 2009

markets and babies

Well I'm half way there! 20 weeks! I finally stopped feeling sick about 2 weeks ago...trying to get back into the swing of things. Last week we had our morphology scan and I'm happy to say our bub is growing very nicely and everything is where it should be. We are also having another little BOY! It was quiet a surprise as this pregnancy has been completely different to Jack's (so far) A lovely surprise though.

Jack is rapt of course. He has already put in some suggestions for names - Sam or Jeff (from The Wiggles) He seems very excited about the prospect of a little brother although I'm not sure he will feel the same when the baby arrives. Only time will tell. In the mean time I'm enjoying Jack reading and singing songs to my belly. Very sweet!

This is my second last market before Christmas and before our new baby arrives. Next year I'll be having a break (from markets) until I can work out what heck to do with 2 kids...

The last Northside Makers Market was a huge success! There will be over 40 stalls with a sausage sizzle, kids crafts and face painting. Be sure to pop past and say hello!

12 October, 2009

What a day...

picture courtesy of a little bit of kaos

The first Northside Makers Market was a fantastic day! The weather was PERFECT! The three ladies who organised the day should be very proud. I had a fun day although was close to sleep by the end of it. I forgot to bring my camera (preggy brain) but luckily there was lots of happy snapping going on. Already looking forward to the November market! Well done ladies!

picture courtesy of Finki

07 October, 2009

Northside Makers Market

I will be having a stall at the very first Northside Makers Market this weekend.
It is sure to be a fabulous day with 40 stalls of handmade goodness, sausage sizzle, face painting, a kids craft table and some very yummy cakes.

Make sure you come and say hello!

28 September, 2009

Sisters Market

I'll be at the Sisters Market this coming Saturday 3rd October 10am til 4pm. It's in the Town Hall on Sydney Rd, Brunswick. If you haven't been it's a fabulous market! Spotlight is just up the road as well as heaps of other great shops and cafe's.

I'll have with me lots of necklaces, rings, brooches, lapel pins and earrings in all my usual fabric.

I heard a rumor that I was buried under a pile of Japanese Fabric and that's why I wasn't blogging anymore...well it's not too far from the truth. I am still recovering from that yucky virus I had over a month ago. Looking forward to getting back into blogging. I have a new market in the works and some other news too so stay tuned!

27 August, 2009

hello again

oh hello there...remember me? What an unexpected bloggy break. Before I even realised the time had flown. I wish I could say I've been doing and making wonderful exciting things but I haven't. I have no idea what I've been doing really. Just life.

One very lovely thing that happened was this special parcel I received. My lovely friend Kris (who won second prize in my giveaway and shares my love of Japanese fabric) sent it to me as a thank you for her necklace. It absolutely made my day!

Unfortunately Jack and I have been struck down with an awful lurgy so I had to cancel my stall at the MMM. At least I won't have to make much stock for the Sisters Market in October.

06 August, 2009


Drumroll please......

Congrats to Tania and Kris! Please email me your addy and I will ship your prizes out!

05 August, 2009


Hello my name is Lauren and I'm a Farm Town addict

04 August, 2009

post market wrap

The sisters market was great...not fantastic but pretty great. I heard from a lot of other stall holders that it was a quiet day compared to previous months. I was happy enough. The feed back I received was excellent and that's all you can hope for. Guess what the best seller was and the fabric which generated the most comments? the new tape measures...I knew I was onto a winner when I saw that fabric :-)

One of the highlights of my day was all the lovely visitors I had. Two of my gorgeous pregnant friends stopped by so I could have a break and check out the other stalls. I met Margaret from a little bit of kaos, Liesl and Bargy stopped past, Suse from Pea Soup was wearing one of my necklaces, Melanie from sugarlemon said hello with her gorgeous new boy and last but definitely not least was Cam from Curlypops and Cathy from TinnieGirl.

Thanks for stopping in and saying Hi. Lovely to see some of you again and to put some faces to names :-)

giveaway reminder

Don't forget to enter my giveaway. I'll be drawing the winner tomorrow!

30 July, 2009

my creative space

Doing all the last minute carding up for the market on Saturday

This is my permanent creative space below. It's the wardrobe in our study/playroom/spare bedroom. Surprisingly it works quiet well. I mostly work at night now that Mr J has dropped his afternoon sleep. It's quiet good when I can just slide the door over and it's locked and hidden away from curious fingers

For more creative spaces click over here

29 July, 2009

i still love you...

Dear Jack,

I still love you even though you try to pick my nose
I still love you even though you steal my buttons and hide them under your doona
I still love you even when you tell me your dinner is 'yucky'
I still love you even though you won't let me wash your hair but will put your whole face in the dogs water bowl
I still love you even though you pretend to be the cookie monster but instead of cookies you eat dirt
I still love you when you wake me up at 5.30am and stand at your bedroom door
shouting 'get out mummy, get out'

Love Mummy xxoo

28 July, 2009

sisters market

I'll be at the Sisters Market this coming Saturday. 1st August 10am til 4pm. It's in the Town Hall on Sydney Rd, Brunswick. If you haven't been it's a fabulous market with other wonderful makers like a little bit of kaos, chuckles designs, pippijoe and harper and edie

I'll have with me lots of neckalces, rings, brooches, lapel pins and earrings in all my usual fabrics including the new 'tape measures' above.
Pop pass and say hi!

27 July, 2009

giveaway time

A few weeeks ago I won 3rd prize in this giveaway. So I'm passing on the luck with a giveaway of my own.

Ist prize is a Fabric Button Necklace/Brooch, Lapel Pin and Ring handmade by me using the beautiful ginkgo fabric by Ink and Spindle.

2nd prize is a Button Necklace/Brooch in the same fabric

To be in the running just leave me a comment before the 5th August. I will draw the winner on the 6th. I will also happily post overseas

Good Luck!

22 July, 2009

tape measures

As you will have noticed I rarely sway from Japanese fabrics but when I stumbled upon this one I didn't even think twice. I haven't made any necklaces yet but I think they will look pretty special.

My poor blog is being some what negletcted at the moment. I have been struck down with an awful lurgy and (unfortunately) for me Jack is in perfect health and is still expecting me to keep up with him. How much TV does one have to watch before your eyes really turn square??

17 July, 2009

winter sun

Things are pretty low key around here. Just been hanging out with Jack and enjoying some winter sun. Yesterday we visited the Children's Farm in Collingwood. Jack and his mate found the biggest puddle and before we knew it they were jumping around giggling their heads off

I haven't forgotten my promise of a giveaway either...it's coming very soon :-) Enjoy the weekend!

12 July, 2009

big boy bed part 5

All is well with the world

11 July, 2009


A few weeks ago I won a giveaway...from Ink and Spindle. I have never won a blog giveaway before and I was so rapt to win this one (I may have even let out a little squeal) This is what I received for 3rd prize;

beautiful fabric button brooch and letterpress card

lovely fabric covered magnet

and 2 pieces of gorgeous screen printed fabric (blue wrens in white and ginkgo in snow)

Did I mention this was 3rd prize? Very generous indeed. Thanks girls!
So I have decided to share the love and have a giveaway of my own. Stay tuned!

09 July, 2009


If you read my blog you will probably know I love handmade jewellery. Today I'm wearing my tweet necklace by that vintage. It's fast becoming a favorite and I get compliments everytime I wear it.

08 July, 2009

flowers anyone?

Some new fabrics...from here and here. Loving the patchwork green on the bottom right

07 July, 2009

a lovely surprise

A few months ago Amy over at badskirt decided she was off to Japan for some fabric buying. I, of course, was insanely jealous. Last week I received the most lovely surprise - Amy had sent me some beautiful fabric she picked up from her trip. It will be so perfect for my necklaces coming into Spring. Thank you Amy! and she even included some cute robot iron on's for Jack. Sweet!

Amy sells gorgeous softies, fabric and buttons in her shop. Go have a look!

05 July, 2009

02 July, 2009

new fabrics

My preparations are in full swing for the Sisters Market. This is my first stall there so I'm a little tentative. I'll have some new fabric buttons...the above ones are from my last trip to kimono house. They are turning out just as I'd imagined. Stick it in your diary...I'd love for you to come say hello!

01 July, 2009

show and tell...

My very own flower brooch by the lovely and creative curlypops
Thank you Cam!
If you would like one too have a look at The Curlypops Shop