18 December, 2008

we're going to the zoo...

Jack and I had our regular trip to the zoo this morning. Ive finally felt well enough to chase him around again. Perfect day for it....I think Melbourne's recent bad weather has scared everyone off. We were lucky enough to see one of the keepers feeding bong su (the male elephant)
Jack was even allowed to throw him some food.


kris said...

I love that you guys go to the zoo so often. Jack will learn awesome skills of observation!

Remember going there for design in year 12(?) I had to draw the elephants and there were doing rude things the whole time...! Ha!

Lauren said...

Thanks Kris....we have a yearly pass. It's been the best thing ever. We only live 15 minutes from the zoo too.

I do remember that trip..classic! I was drawing the hippo's