27 December, 2008

eye spy....the christmas aftermath

Oh my gosh....we need a whole room to dedicate to Jack's Christmas loot. He was thoroughly spoilt. Mostly by his grandparents. Even though it was a lovely day(s) I'm glad it's over now for another year. Jack didn't sleep well from all the excitement and then this morning I think he expected their to be presents under
the tree again..yes we have seen a new level of tantrums!

And it was me who bought the drum kit....what was I thinking???
I don't mind a bit of noise as long as he's happy and that he is

Our lounge room looks like Thomas the Tank threw up in there

The magna doodle was a HUGE hit !!! Thanks Nana!

Head over here to see more Christmas goodness


Bird Bath said...

looks like a fun christmas...doesn't take long for the littlies to get into the spirit -our two year old was tearing into everyone's gifts she could get her hands on :)

love the drum set - he will have a riot with that.

Bek said...

We got the same kit for Caleb when he was a little bit older, but not much. Much fun to be had, but he is a little hardcore, so it only lasted 6 months of bashing and crashing. Was great fun though!