02 December, 2008

cheeky chops

You know your a mum when you catch yourself saying...."it's almost dinner time, you'll ruin your appetite" and you know you have a cheeky little boy when he climbs up and helps himself to some biscuits after you have said the above.


cindy said...

Oh mine so have a weakness for shapes too. I still have the child locks on - mine are that bad.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

That's a very good "caught in the act" photo. Cute!

Sarah-Jo said...

what a clever lil man, such balance and co ordination you should be so proud!

right off with the modern parenting cap and on with the manic mothers hat hahahaaha
"get down off there this instant!Just wait till your father gets home!"haahahah

Amanda said...

LOL sooo cheeky!