09 October, 2008

wild dingo

Last week I recieved the most lovely surprise in my letter box. Sarah from ideyspidey sent Jack some gorgeous handmade shorts. Today was the first nice day we've had all week so I was quick to show them off. Thank you so much Sarah! What a gem :-) To see more of her lovely work click here
As you can see we had great fun in the garden. I love this time of year so much. Jack and
our little dog Henry ran around together. Nothing better than a boy and his dog!

1 comment:

Sarah-Jo said...

so glad they fit,
after I sent them I thought to myself
"hmmm I hope Jack is the same size as Iris"
as I used her to measure them up

Jack looks so cute!

Love the hair tie too, I will have to pop up some pics of my new hair ties in action!