18 October, 2008

sisters market

I went to the sisters market in Brunswick this morning...my sole purpose was to buy a new bag (for my upcoming birthday). I was quiet specific about what I wanted; not too colourful, long strap, big yet not too big, small yet not too small and it had to be handmade..well I found one. It's lovely. I can't show you a pic yet as hubby has hidden it away. I can't wait to use it.

I also picked up a lovely bird brooch from harper & edie (also for my birthday) the latest copy of mixtape and some aunty cookie trim


cindy said...

We could of passed each other. It was a fantastic collection of ladies I thought. There were some fab bags so I am sure you got a cutie.

Lauren said...

Oh we probably did..we were there when they first opened. My bag was fomr fat mummas. They were out the front..