31 October, 2008

The Birthday Edition - Giveaway!

I turned 30 yesterday! Happy Birthday to me! I don't feel 30 but I probably look 30 :-) I scored some great pressies. As mentioned in a previous post I picked out a new bag from these clever ladies. Hubby and Jack also surprised me with an ipod nano. Very cool!
Hubby and I are escaping the house on Saturday night for dinner

So in honour of my BIG milestone it's giveaway time. Ist prize is the button jewellery pictured above (necklace, ring and lapel pin)

2nd Prize (brooch and ring)

3rd prize (brooch)

To enter just leave me a comment :-) I'm happy to post anywhere in the whole wide world.
I will draw the prize next Wednesday and if you give me a mention on your blog I'll throw your name in twice (just drop me a line to let me know)

Good Luck!


Katie said...

First of all

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to lauren,
happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

hip bip hooray
hip bip hooray
hip bip hooray

now make a wish

oh please count me in! I have had so many comments on my necklace and pony holders! I wear one everyday. if I were to win I would share them with my mum because she absolutley loves mine. I can always borrow them too lol

xox Katie

CurlyPops said...

Yah and Hip Hip Hooray for a very happy birthday! You will love your 30's.
What a fantastic giveaway....I'm adding this one to the list!

mill said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am slowly approaching 30, my partner's sister says they were her favourite years! I would love to be included in your giveaway...so pretty!

cindy said...

I just truned 30 in Feb, how quick the time passes. I think we should be making you presents not the other wat around!

kris said...

Happy Birthday! From one recently made old duck to another! YAY!

Katherine said...

have a happy birthday!!!
and i would love to enter!!!
please please please!

Kim said...

Happy birthday sweetie!!!

omg that jewelery looks divine!! deff count me in!!

bex said...

30 year olds are the awesomest. But I thought other people were supposed to give YOU wonderful presents for your birthday?

Eloise said...

You absolutely don't look 30 you gorgeous thing! (not that 30 is old!)

Monica said...

So far I've found my 30s to be great! Just think of it as the beginning of a wonderful decade. It won't be long until we have our big 40th looming, which just seems so much older than 30. *sigh*

I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday, and hope you enjoy dinner on Saturday night. Looking forward to hearing all the details! Well, maybe not ALL of them.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! What a fantastic giveaway, those rings are so groovy!.

sweetness said...

happy birthday gorgeous!!!!!

handmaiden said...

happy birthday........many crafty years ahead of u yet

Anonymous said...

Lovely giveaway! 30s are great ....just wish I had more of them left!

Elizabeth said...

happy birthday to you!

and yes, enter me in your giveaway!


Amy (badskirt) said...

Happy 30th! All my best. I can't believe you are giving away so many gorgeous pieces.

Betty Jo said...

Oh ,your just a spring chicken!
Lovely give away, beautiful pieces.
xx Betty Jo

Shellbells said...

many happy birthdays to continue I hope. Love love love this giveaway...fingers crossed!!!

Marlya said...

Happy Birthday!! I will be 30 early next year, time goes so fast! I love the giveaway-- they look beautiful

sewfunky said...

Happy Birthday - 30, huh! I can barely remember what that was! (I'm 35!!)

I would love to win!!

muralimanohar said...

Those are gorgeous!!

And yeah, Happy Birthday!! Thirty is still YOUNG!! (says me from the grand old age of mumble35mumble.)

Juddie said...

Happy birthday! (you[re just a spring chicken!) Thank you for the great giveaway - please count me in :-)

.girl ferment. said...

Happy Birthday.
I actually love third prize.
So if my name gets drawn I would choose the brooch, gorgeous.

Sarah-Jo said...

Happy Dirty Thrity!

good luck to all who enter Laurens stuff is amazing!

Bird Bath said...

Happy Birthday Wishes...hope you had a lovely getaway on Saturday night!
I agree turning thirty is great!
Your prizes look lovely.

trashalou said...

Happy Birthday :-) how lovely that your boys managed a surprise present as well.

Your work is gorgeous. I would be thrilled to display them ;-)

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Happy Birthday - it gets better every year from 30!
Found my way here from Curlypops. Count me in for the giveaway pretty please!

Taccolina said...

'Cor blimey, those look lovely. Can I wish you a belated happy birthday and enter the contest?

Happy Birthday! I hope you were thoroughly well-treated for your day.

Kait M said...

Happy Birthday! Hope that you had a good one, I realize that I'm a little late. Glad I finally took the time to check out your blog, I wander your etsy shop all the time to check out your new things. I imagine all the pretty things I would own if only I wasn't a student! Very inspiring though. Hope I'm not too late to be considered for the giveaway, it's all so great!

Lauren said...

Thank You to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes! Being 30 isn't so bad :-)

The giveaway has been drawn. Congrats to those that won!