15 October, 2008

bang, crash

What a week it has been.....We were driving home from our grocery shopping on the weekend and got hit by a truck. Yes, a truck. Definitely my most terrifying parenting moment so far.

Jack is fine. He was back doing somersaults the next day. Thank heaven's for his car seat...Hubby and I are very bruised and sore but still in one piece. We were very, very lucky. It could have been much worse

In other news...I have now added some children's ponytail holders to the button shop. Check them out here

Also apologies to my champagne dreams for missing this week's This Is meme. My current reading material is rather embarrasing...Last week's 'Woman's Day'. I do love to read trash...and I couldn't go past Kyle Sandilands wedding spread..so there you go, my dirty little secret is out!


Katie said...

Oh my GOD!!! Lauren I am so glad to hear that you and your family are ok. It must have been horrifying. Big hugs for everyone xox

Katie said...

btw, the childrens ponytail holders are gorgeous! I hear christmas bells in my purse

Moiface said...

Glad you're okay! I really like the ponytail holders!