31 October, 2008

The Birthday Edition - Giveaway!

I turned 30 yesterday! Happy Birthday to me! I don't feel 30 but I probably look 30 :-) I scored some great pressies. As mentioned in a previous post I picked out a new bag from these clever ladies. Hubby and Jack also surprised me with an ipod nano. Very cool!
Hubby and I are escaping the house on Saturday night for dinner

So in honour of my BIG milestone it's giveaway time. Ist prize is the button jewellery pictured above (necklace, ring and lapel pin)

2nd Prize (brooch and ring)

3rd prize (brooch)

To enter just leave me a comment :-) I'm happy to post anywhere in the whole wide world.
I will draw the prize next Wednesday and if you give me a mention on your blog I'll throw your name in twice (just drop me a line to let me know)

Good Luck!

29 October, 2008

Have you heard?

If you haven't heard already Georgie Love has had a makeover....and it's very swish! Check out the new site here and my jewellery here

On My Desk....

Buttons, shell pieces...and my lunch! For more desks click here :-)

28 October, 2008

zoo fun

Jack and I had our weekly trek to the zoo...today was especially fun. We had the whole butterfly enclosure to ourselves at one point and today Jack spent some time looking at them, instead of just running thru squealing.

Of course a zoo trip isn't complete without sticking ones fingers up an orangutans nose

Bouncing on the balls

or eating a bucket of chips with sauce

27 October, 2008

fawn and mushies

Some new brooches. The fawn one was for a little girl I know....BUT when I tried him on he looked so cute I thought I might keep him for myself

They still need a bit of work but the second batch are better. The mushrooms are from this fabric I purchased a while ago
ps - stay tuned for a big birthday givaway....

26 October, 2008

This Is....something I'm surprised I like

Knitting! My nanna was a wonderful knitter. She was pro and made these fabbo jumpers (which I never appreciated) She taught me how to knit when I was about 10 but it was never something I kept up with. I thought it was daggy
About 5 years ago I saw a knitted shrug at a craft fair and I thought 'I want to make that' and it all started from there. Unfortunately my nanna passed on before that so I was never able to get some tips from her..I really do wish I had taken it up again when she was alive
I love that you can start with a plain ball of wool and then make something you can wear. I guess that's the beauty of crafting
Thanks to Earl and Cookie for this weeks theme and to Three Buttons for hosting

24 October, 2008

whingy and whiney

So I haven't posted all week.....Jack is getting his 2 year old molars (insert screaming, biting, whinging toddler) I'm starting to wonder if Iwill ever get a full nights sleep again. He's been refusing his day sleep (insert screaming, biting, whinging mum) Doesn't my boy understand that I need to craft ?? I thought I'd amuse you all with some of his antics this week....(yes I have photographed them so I can use it against him later in life..hehehe!)

1. Helping himself to some dog and cat food...in the clean washing basket 2. Sooking because his biscuit fell on the floor 3. Smothering our dog with a pillow 4. Newest trick - Standing in the highchair

20 October, 2008

Georgie Love

Georgie Love is now stocking my Fabric Button Jewellery. Check them out here

19 October, 2008

This Is....my favorite movie

The Breakfast Club. It's a classic. I remember taping it on video years and years ago. I think I actually wore the tape out. I now have it on DVD and it's played fairly regularly...." does barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe? "...hahaha! It still makes me laugh after all these years. Thanks Hollie for such a fun theme and to Three Buttons for being such a fabulous host

market 3031

I'll be having a stall at the upcoming Market 3031. It's on the 22nd of November at the Scout Hall, 55 McCraken St Kensington. Check out their blog here. Be sure to pop in and say 'Hello'...there will be lots of handmade goodness

18 October, 2008

sisters market

I went to the sisters market in Brunswick this morning...my sole purpose was to buy a new bag (for my upcoming birthday). I was quiet specific about what I wanted; not too colourful, long strap, big yet not too big, small yet not too small and it had to be handmade..well I found one. It's lovely. I can't show you a pic yet as hubby has hidden it away. I can't wait to use it.

I also picked up a lovely bird brooch from harper & edie (also for my birthday) the latest copy of mixtape and some aunty cookie trim

16 October, 2008

15 October, 2008

On My Desk....

On Saturday I was filling up my cube and I got to meet this lovely lady. I've been visiting her blog for a while so it was great to put a face to the blog..so to speak. I was also lucky enough to pick up one of her resin owls too. Super cute! Have a sticky at more desks here

bang, crash

What a week it has been.....We were driving home from our grocery shopping on the weekend and got hit by a truck. Yes, a truck. Definitely my most terrifying parenting moment so far.

Jack is fine. He was back doing somersaults the next day. Thank heaven's for his car seat...Hubby and I are very bruised and sore but still in one piece. We were very, very lucky. It could have been much worse

In other news...I have now added some children's ponytail holders to the button shop. Check them out here

Also apologies to my champagne dreams for missing this week's This Is meme. My current reading material is rather embarrasing...Last week's 'Woman's Day'. I do love to read trash...and I couldn't go past Kyle Sandilands wedding spread..so there you go, my dirty little secret is out!

10 October, 2008

last chance..

Last chance to score some extra goodies from my button shop. I've had 2 sales so far.....
Next sale will get a necklace of your own choice. Have a sticky here
EDITED TO ADD - 3rd sale made! Thanks Katie :-)

09 October, 2008

short, shorts

That mosaic just didn't do the shorts justice...here's a big pic!

wild dingo

Last week I recieved the most lovely surprise in my letter box. Sarah from ideyspidey sent Jack some gorgeous handmade shorts. Today was the first nice day we've had all week so I was quick to show them off. Thank you so much Sarah! What a gem :-) To see more of her lovely work click here
As you can see we had great fun in the garden. I love this time of year so much. Jack and
our little dog Henry ran around together. Nothing better than a boy and his dog!

08 October, 2008

On My Desk....

I've been admiring this fabric for a while so you can imagine my delight when it was 50% off at Spotlight yesterday. I think it should look cute as kids hair buttons and necklaces. There is also a cabinet lock to keep out the small child.
Check out this blog for more desks

07 October, 2008

cute as a button

These are for a little girl I know...super cute hey? I'll be adding some to the button shop next week

This Is....my favorite kitchen gadget

I'm running behind this week...we've been away for the weekend visiting Jack's grandparents.

So my favorite kitchen gadget is 'My Kettle'. I love a good cuppa and the kettle gets used without fail everyday

Thanks to Handmaiden for this weeks theme and to Three Button's for hosting

01 October, 2008

On My Desk....

Pinch and punch for the first day of the month. I think the picture says it all........pop on over here for more desks