05 September, 2008


I have a climber...who's worked out he can move chairs to get what he want's. I'm seriously considering moving them to the shed - the chairs not the kid! Yesterday he tried 15 times (in the space of 10 minutes) to get up on the table...can anyone say determined?


iRiS said...

OMGawd how funny or not hahahaa but Iris started doing this yesterday
grrrr it did my head in, I went to the bathroom came back to find her sitting at the computer typing away and using the mouse correctly ARGH!!!!
What are our kiddies turning into.....they are growing too fast!
Good luck with your climber I hope mine doesnt get into too much trouble today with her new found skills

cindy said...

I hate it when they usae their forces for evil. Pray he doesn't figure out if pulls out the kitchen drawers he can make stairs to the benchtop.

Lauren said...

Sarah - hehehe! It's hard not to get mad when they are cute! They sure are growing up too fast...I often wish he was a newborn again so at least when I put him down he would be there when I came back!

Cindy - Too right! We have already taken the handles off the drawers as he was doing some knife juggling! So cheeky! and smart :-)