24 August, 2008

This Is.......my favorite children's book

My favorite children's book is "The Eleventh Hour" by Graham Base. I remember being so excited by this book in 5th grade....finding the clues to see who ate the birthday feast. Great stuff! I hope Jack will be excited by this book one day too

This is my son's favorite book at the moment....I love it too because he likes it so much. It's about a little chimp who is looking for his mum to give her a hug. Jack's learning animal noises so this book is perfect!

Thanks to potty mouth mama for a great this is and to three buttons for hosting :-)


Katie said...

My brother had the whole set of those but I wasn't allowed to touch them :( But who says you can't discover them in adulthood!Hope you're well hun xox

Monica said...

I love the eleventh hour too! Lots of childhood fun looking for the mouse on every page. I never really solved the clues though... a bit tricky for a little kid!

Animalia is great as well. My favourite jigsaw is an Animalia one. Such beautiful details in all the illustrations.

Annalisa Backlund said...

I've got the Hug book. It's so cute!

potty mouth mama said...

I love love LOVE The Eleventh Hour. Fantastic reminder - thanks! I do love that Hug book too, though we don't have it. Next on my to buy list!