17 August, 2008

This Is....how I like to spend my weekends

Being a full time SAHM I love to get a bit of "me" time on the weekends. It doesn't always happen but even an hour makes me feel a bit more refreshed.
But my favorite thing is just having some time with the 3 of us...family time. Hubby works long hours so we don't get much time together during the week. Today we hit the zoo. Jack ran around making monkey noises at all the animals. Hubby chased him. I watched and laughed :-)

Thanks to bird bath for this weeks theme. Check out Three Buttons blog to see who's playing


Katie said...

what a bave little man! I would be close to weeing my pants if I was that close to a real tiger!!!

Bird Bath said...

Yeah, together time is a great weekend treat.Can't beat the Zoo for fun times!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Awww.. sounds like a lovely weekend!