31 August, 2008

This Is......my favorite fabric/craft supplies shop

Well you can't go past Spotlight for a great selection of craft supplies. I never leave a store empty handed.

I also love Dragon Papers - 164 High Street Parhran. If you love paper then this is the shop to visit. It's literally wall to wall of papers and stationary stuff. I buy a lot of my chiyogami papers from there.

Thanks to handmaiden for this weeks theme and three buttons for hosting...can't wait to read thru everyone's posts

27 August, 2008


I'm a slow knitter so it took me about 5 nights to get this finished. I decided not to sew the button on so I could chop and change for a different look. I think I'll be making a few more of these. They are perfect for the transition into spring

On My Desk....

Today I have some (almost finished) pendants. These are off to a new shop early next week.....and yes that's the scarflet from last week (not even close to being finished) Head over to Kootoyoo to check out more desks

25 August, 2008

neck wrap

I've been doing some more knitting. I love knitting. Nothing better than sitting down and making something from a plain old ball of wool. I'm a real novice though. I've never knitted with smallish needles before and wow you can really notice any mistakes...I had to start this neck wrap about 5 times. Well it's almost finished I just have to decide on which buttons to add. I already have my next project in mind....a shrug. I picked up a pattern many years ago at a craft fair. It's super simple.

24 August, 2008

This Is.......my favorite children's book

My favorite children's book is "The Eleventh Hour" by Graham Base. I remember being so excited by this book in 5th grade....finding the clues to see who ate the birthday feast. Great stuff! I hope Jack will be excited by this book one day too

This is my son's favorite book at the moment....I love it too because he likes it so much. It's about a little chimp who is looking for his mum to give her a hug. Jack's learning animal noises so this book is perfect!

Thanks to potty mouth mama for a great this is and to three buttons for hosting :-)

20 August, 2008

On My Desk....

Some button rings, a scarflet I started yesterday and my son's wooden blocks - put up high to avoid them being throw all over the house AGAIN!
Head over to kootoyoo to see more desks

17 August, 2008

This Is....how I like to spend my weekends

Being a full time SAHM I love to get a bit of "me" time on the weekends. It doesn't always happen but even an hour makes me feel a bit more refreshed.
But my favorite thing is just having some time with the 3 of us...family time. Hubby works long hours so we don't get much time together during the week. Today we hit the zoo. Jack ran around making monkey noises at all the animals. Hubby chased him. I watched and laughed :-)

Thanks to bird bath for this weeks theme. Check out Three Buttons blog to see who's playing

15 August, 2008

The Little Man

My little monkey is 18 months old today....hmmm where has the time gone? Some days I can't even remember what I did with my time before I had him in my life. It's certainly been a rollercoaster ride. The constant feeding, sleepless night, spewing, pooing and crying but with that their have also been many wonderful give you goosebumps, I'm going to burst with love moments too. So here's a few photo's of my little man

3 days old

6 months

18 months

13 August, 2008

On My Desk....

Technically I don't have a desk. When we moved this year there wasn't enough space for one BUT I have a few spots over the house where I keep my WIP's...so here's mine. Mostly supplies this week. I've had to do a big order as the buttons have been going better than I anticipated.

Also thought I would show this lovely little chair my mum bought for me. She thought my jewellery would look nice sitting on it - she was right! Thanks Mum! Head over to Kootoyoo to check out everyone else's desks

12 August, 2008


Last week I mentioned a new project...well today I set up my "cube" at in.cube8r in Fitzroy. It's exciting but scary at the same time as I've never really taken a monetary risk with my jewellery before. One of the things I love most about it is you have creative control over your cube. So it's kinda like your own mini shop! So if you're in the area or looking for some funky handmade originals head down and check out the cubes!(PSSST..just to have a little brag - I sold a necklace while I was half way thru settiing up the cube! Yay for me!)

11 August, 2008

made by maude

Thank You Karine! I recieved my parcel today. The rabbit is gorgeous and thankyou, thankyou for the brooch. I love them so it was a great surprise! Check out Karine's gorgeous handmade wares here and here

10 August, 2008

This Is...a work in progress

This is kinda embarrassing. I started this Japanese Doll project about 3 years ago. In that time I've had a baby so I guess I have an excuse (don't I? lol) We moved house about 6 months ago and I found her when I was unpacking some craft stuff. I think she will look gorgeous framed up next to my Kokeshi Doll collection

This is what she will look like all put together. Thanks to Three Buttons for including me in this meme and to kept in a jar for this weeks theme

09 August, 2008

etsy cranes

Everyday this week I will be adding some new Chiyogami pieces to my etsy shop. Look out for new brooches and bobby pins

08 August, 2008

fabric necklaces

Here are some new necklaces. You can find these at aprilmay in North Fitzroy. I love the second one the best. I think red and turqoise are a beautiful combination. I'm still undecided about putting the buttons on Etsy...hmmm decisions, decisions! Maybe I'll sit on it for a bit longer. What do you think? Leave me a comment!

06 August, 2008

cushion love

I've been admiring AuntyCookie's handmade goodies and fabric for a while now so I finally took the plunge and bought a cushion! It's lovely and looks right at home on my couch

05 August, 2008

button stacks

These buttons are waiting for me turn them into brooches and rings. They are for a new venture...
I won't say what it is yet. It should all be finalised by next week. I'm excited by it.
It's something different!

03 August, 2008

bargain hunter

I picked up this wooden dog today whilst doing the food shopping. It's so cute and I really love wooden toys. All the clowns come apart so you can stack them back together. Jack has been carrying it around the house saying "woof woof"..oh and it was only $3.50! Yes that's right $3.50. How ridiculously lovely!