24 June, 2008


It's been a looooong week. Jack has been sick which means we've been confined to the house for most of the week and he can't socialise with other kids. I'm not sure who it's been harder on.

We did however have a trip to the zoo over the weekend which is always fun. Jack was particularly fond of a small wooden thai sculpture in the trail of the elephants enclosure. So much so he went up and gave it a hug....cute!

In between that I have managed to get a few more button bits and pieces finished. Here's some new brooches and lapel pins. I really, really, really love the light green and red fabric...I'm not sure if that one will make it out of the house


Katie said...

Hugs for your sick little man! It's the season for it. The lapel pins are gorgeous! I can't wait for my buttons. That reminds me, I must get back to you about them lol. xox Katie

kris said...

hello! YAY! I lost yr email! I moved desks at work and it got eaten somewhere!! So good to hear from you.

Monica said...

Look who I seem to have stumbled across... hi Lauren! I'm in love with your covered buttons. I can't believe you find the time to make them. You are very talented indeed!

I always get lots of comments when I wear the necklace you made. It's one of my favourites for sure.

Might have to steal your embroidery hoop idea... they look fabulous, and easy to make as well.

Hope the Etsy store picks up soon... I'm sure it will once you become better known in the blogosphere.

Cheerio! Mon