31 May, 2008

a sale

I had my second sale on Etsy today...just when I was about to give up. I've had heaps of window shoppers just no buyers. It's selling well in my shops but I guess it's different when you can see and touch the actual physical product. I need to find a few more hours in the day for more promoting.

I also have a cold curtosy of my germie son! I guess it doesn't help when he rubs his snotty nose on me all day long..he's a real charmer! Bless him...that tooth finally popped thru so he's been much happier these last few days

Anyhoo..early night for me. We have a big family lunch tomorrow. I'll need to be refreshed, restaurant + Jack + highchair = big trouble!!!

28 May, 2008

i'm in love

How fantastic are these? I am in love with the idea...so simple. I have the perfect wall in my dining room...Ughh! I LOVE them

24 May, 2008

teething hell

I'm in teething hell...my son is getting more teeth. He's a grumpy bum, which is making me a grumpy bum. We're also recovering from a bout of food poisoning...yucky! So a very uneventful week creative wise

I recieved another delivery of japanese fabric this week (yay!) but I've had lots of chiyogami jewellery orders in my shops so my button mania is on hold.

I still have 20 pairs of earrings to make so best get back to it......

18 May, 2008

button! button! who's got the button?

turning japanese

I'm having a bit of an obsession with fabric at the moment, particularly that of the japanese kind. It goes well with my paper obsession. So seeing I can't sew to save myself I have been madly covering buttons. I'm turning them into necklace pendants, brooches, rings, and hairpins

my heart

This is Jack. I took this photo at the park earlier this week

17 May, 2008

here goes......

So I've finally done this blog thing....Hmm, what to say? I'll probably end up writing about my son alot. He keeps the household pretty interesting. He's 15 months and so smart! I've been making "stuff" for years but have only recently opened an etsy store. Before this I was selling to local shops which support handmade goods. I've just realised it's 11.44pm and those of you that know me, know it's WAY past my bedtime...My son will be up in 6 or so hours