29 December, 2008


I bought a clover yo yo maker before Christmas. I made my first one today. The fabric was a bit too thick and the thread I used a bit too pink but it worked. I'm not much of a sewer and it was easy peasy to use. I've made a few more tonight...I'm undecided about the bigger ones. Hubby said they looked like something his nan would make...hmmm. I'll have to post some pics.

27 December, 2008

eye spy....the christmas aftermath

Oh my gosh....we need a whole room to dedicate to Jack's Christmas loot. He was thoroughly spoilt. Mostly by his grandparents. Even though it was a lovely day(s) I'm glad it's over now for another year. Jack didn't sleep well from all the excitement and then this morning I think he expected their to be presents under
the tree again..yes we have seen a new level of tantrums!

And it was me who bought the drum kit....what was I thinking???
I don't mind a bit of noise as long as he's happy and that he is

Our lounge room looks like Thomas the Tank threw up in there

The magna doodle was a HUGE hit !!! Thanks Nana!

Head over here to see more Christmas goodness

22 December, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone in bloggerland! Wishing you all a wonderful day with your families and friends. Be safe. I want to say a special thanks to everyone who has visited my blog this year. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my creations and Jack's antics. I can't express how much it means. Looking forward to a wonderful 2009!

20 December, 2008

eye-spy sunday

I'm a day early. This weeks theme was chosen by Miss Hoppo Bumpo. Eye Spy some BLING. Well, sort of. My bling isn't very elaborate but I love them and they mean the world. My engagement ring and my wedding band. Head over here to check out some more bling

19 December, 2008

Etsy be gone...

Sadly I have closed down my Etsy shop (damn you aussie dollar!)....but don't be too sad, you can still buy my Chiyogami Jewellery from the fabulous Georgie Love. Stay tuned for new stockists in 2009!

18 December, 2008

we're going to the zoo...

Jack and I had our regular trip to the zoo this morning. Ive finally felt well enough to chase him around again. Perfect day for it....I think Melbourne's recent bad weather has scared everyone off. We were lucky enough to see one of the keepers feeding bong su (the male elephant)
Jack was even allowed to throw him some food.

12 December, 2008

Necklaces and Stuff

I've been a very neglectful blogger of late....I have so many posts to catch up on. Apologies to all my regulars :-) I'm still sick. Third lot of tonsilitis now. It's so sucky.I have been covering buttons like a crazy woman (or just like normal) These necklaces are made from this fabric. You can see them in person at my cube tomorrow afternoon.

Kris Kringle

I joined up a few months ago to be part of a Melbourne Etsy Christmas swap...well my lovely package arrived yesterday! It is too cute for words! I recieved a spiral notebook, 2 magnets and a bookmark. I am totally in love with the magnets.Thank you Sarah! To see more of Sarah's stuff check out her website here. Perfect for Christmas!

08 December, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas....

Were fully into the Christmas spirit here. This year should be extra special as Jack's just that little bit older. I can't wait until Christmas eve to put his toys together and wrap all the presents. The Christmas Tree has stayed upright and (mostly) intact for a week now only because I've been telling Jack it's hot....hehehe! bad mummy!

The latest fashion for toddlers - Christmas Bell Earrings

02 December, 2008

cheeky chops

You know your a mum when you catch yourself saying...."it's almost dinner time, you'll ruin your appetite" and you know you have a cheeky little boy when he climbs up and helps himself to some biscuits after you have said the above.

new fabrics

I recieved some yummy mail today....4 new fabrics! You can buy some from here. I wanted lots more but the aussie dollar is so sucky at the moment I had to restrain myself. I'm not feeling very crafty though....the tonsillitis has returned as well as a head cold...BLAH!!!

30 November, 2008

Eye Spy....

Cindy has stepped up and created eye spy to give us all something to post about on a Sunday night. Today's theme is eye spy.....what I want for Christmas
I already have my chrissie present. Tickets to see Kings Of Leon in March next year! I spent 2 hours on the net and finally scored some. I can't wait!
Great theme Cindy...I can't wait to have a sticky at what everyone else wants

Design Market

I went to the design market this morning (along with the rest of Melbourne it seems) It was packed but this time I didn't have a husband and a baby in tow. Instead I met up with a lovely friend. There was so many wonderful things (drools) and I'm amazed at how clever some people are. Did anyone else fall in love with the teacup lights?? I couldn't leave empty handed......

Tree brooch from Nest

and some cute badges (I can't remember which stall it was)

26 November, 2008

on my fridge....

On my desk has been wrapped up so Amy has started on my fridge. The front has photo's....
mostly Jack of course

Jack's most recent creation

Lurking to the side is where it gets messy....bills, old scratchies, dodgy magnets,
postcards from a year ago. You get the idea.

22 November, 2008

to market, to market

I had a fabulous day at market 3031. It was bucketing down with rain, windy and freezing cold BUT there was a steady stream of people all day. I brought my book with me but never took it out once - I was too busy! Next time I will need an extra pair of hands. It was great to get home and see what sold well (and not so well) I also put some faces to names :-)

19 November, 2008

On My Desk....

I forgot to take a photo of my desk today (bad blogger)....it was a shambles anyway. I'm a bit stressed about the market. I haven't done a market for about 3 years..so out of practice. I never know what to take either. I'm sure it will be fine...fingers crossed for nice weather

Last night Jack thought he was pretty 'cool' dancing around in hubby's sunglasses while drinking his bottle

18 November, 2008

Market 3031

Just a reminder that market 3031 is on this Saturday! 10-4pm Scout Hall 55 McCraken St Kensington. I'll be having a stall with my buttons and there will be lots of yummy handmade goodness

16 November, 2008

This Is....my favorite thing from nature

This weeks theme was easy peasy. Plants are my favorite thing from nature. Before I became a mum I was a horticulturalist...I love plants, seriously. I could rabbit on about them all day long. Botanical names, re-potting, fertilizing, pest and diseases...love it all!
Thanks to cloth and fodder for a great theme. Pop on over to three buttons for more this is

15 November, 2008

dr jack

Well the tonsillitis is all cleared up BUT I've had an allergic reaction to the penicillin....weird as I've taken it many times before. My hands and feet are covered in hives. Not good for crafting at all :-(

Here's Jack trying to take his temperature with one of my craft punches :-)

13 November, 2008

made it

I've just updated the button shop. I'll be adding more bits and pieces as Christmas approaches
Only 7 weeks to go peeps!

12 November, 2008

A week of Happiness

Today drugs are making me happy...specifically penicillin. I have tonsillitis and it is awful. I feel like I'm swallowing razor blades. Jack has enjoyed my illness as dada has been home and is somewhat 'softer' than mummy....which basically translates to running around the house wild
I have nothing on my desk today apart from the above mentioned drugs and some ice cream. I can't wait to feel better because this fabric arrived yesterday.

09 November, 2008

06 November, 2008

05 November, 2008

On My Desk....

3rd batch of mushies and fawns..all ready for this market
Mr Grumpy book
post packs for my giveaway winners. Click here for more lovely desks

and the winner is

Ist Prize - handmaiden

3rd Prize - (amy) badskirt

Congratulations ladies! Could you all please email me your addy and I will send your packages off asap

04 November, 2008

keep calm and carry on

I know I'm a little late catching on....

I've seen the posters everywhere but I think it looks pretty great on this pendant. Click here to read the history behind it

I think they should be given out when you leave the hospital after having a baby